Finally putting up new art!

Hey so…it’s been a while, huh?

Well, I was feeling really reluctant to put up this new work for fear of it getting stolen. But I’m trying to trust the internet and I’ve put up three new photographs I’m really super proud of. It’s from a series I had started two summers ago (that I would love to continue working on if I can find the time) of mountain landscapes. I’m literally doing things Ansel Adams style, hiking up mountains with a 4×5 view camera and a big, hulking tripod. So far the shots I have are all from New Hampshire, but maybe I’ll get some more from some other mountain ranges when the weather gets warmer.

I actually ended up selling a print of the Mt Willard image to a gentleman I met while on that very hike. Him and his wife were vacationing in New Hampshire and happened to be making the hike the same day as I was. We got to talking, he took down my information, and within a month he had purchased a HUGE print (it was about 30″ wide in the mat) from me as a surprise birthday gift for his wife. It was my first real sale as a real life professional fine art photographer. So that’s pretty cool.

Anyway, I’ll quit rambling. Hope you all like them! Keep your fingers crossed that I get to make some more soon.



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