New logo means new resume and business stationary!

So, I finally got around to finishing up the new logo I designed for myself. If you haven’t been to visit my new resume, here’s what my new logo looks like:

new logo

(Please ignore the weird grey line, I’m not sure why it’s there and I can’t seem to make it go away either. Gah!)

You are all probably wondering now, why a crab and a feather in a circle? Well, the circle just makes it look nice, but the crab and the feather part are significant to me. I’m an early summer baby and therefore a cancer. But since I’m not that interested in my zodiac, all I can say is that I think the crab is a good representation of part of my personality. They’re shy creatures, but still strong and powerful when they need to be. I also love the ocean and everything that lives in it and near it, including our little crab friends. I especially love lobsters but the crab just worked better in the illustration.

The feather has a handful of it’s own meanings as well. It represents my love for writing. I could write and write and write for days if hand cramps, eating and sleeping weren’t an issue. I mostly write for myself, but I think if I took a few courses I might feel more confident to share some of my writing someday. Definitely not soon, but someday. The feather also symbolizes my wanderlust. I love traveling and visiting new places, whether it’s someplace close by or hours and hours away. (Now if only there was some magical solution to my motion sickness problem…also, when is money actually going to start growing on trees?) Birds get to travel all over, whenever they want, they’re the best jet setters and the feathers help them do that.

Anyway, enough my babbling. I don’t have much going on right now. I just started a new job with one of those mall portrait places, so I probably won’t have much time for my own work for a while. I’ll try my best though. Setting my sights on possibly getting a masters in business through the Greek university attached to my college so I can go back to Greece again. But that’s a long way off. We’ll see what happens!


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