NHIA Annual Alumni Exhibition

In just a few weeks I will be exhibiting a photograph I took in Greece in my former college’s annual Alumni Exhibition. I am very excited to have the honor to even be in the show since I’m not even a year into my alumni status. The show will run from January 23rd until February 26th and the formal opening and award ceremony (where they will choose one work to be purchased for the college’s permanent collection) is on January 29th from 5-7pm. I will include at the bottom of this post all those dates and times again and the address just in case anyone would like to come out and support some local artists!!!

Other than this show, my art has somewhat been put on hold. While I have plenty of professional images from Greece I’ve been meaning to put up on here, I am still a little hesitant to do so. They’re all mostly landscapes and the like, so I’m a little worried that they will be easily stolen and/or copyrighted. I do not personally like watermarking my work in any circumstance because I feel it degrades the viewers ability to wholly appreciate my work. But it may come to that if I do eventually decide to put up my photographs from Greece. Otherwise, I may just keep them from myself and hope to possibly get a book made of them instead in the future!


Here’s the information on the NHIA Alumni Exhibition:

January 23 – February 26, 2014
French Building Gallery
148 Concord St.
Manchester, NH 03104
Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony: January 29, 2014, 5–7pm


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